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1994 - 2014
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Dr. Linda Rozell-Shannon, PhD President and Founder

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Vascular Birthmark Fact of the Month

A port wine stain (PWS) is a vascular malformation that is usually visible at birth. They become progressive over time resulting in hypertrophy and asymmetry, cobbling, darkening color and development of nodules. They can be quite disfiguring, can easily bleed, and bear a heavy psychosocial impact. These are the important medical reasons to pursue treatment.

Brightman, L., Yoon-Soo, C., and Geronemus, R. (2015).


Dr.NelsonDr. Stuart Nelson, VBF Co-Medical Director and International Port Wine Stain Laser Specialist
2005 VBF Physician of the Year

Ask the NYC Laser ExpertDr. Roy Geronemus, NYC and International Laser Specialist
2008 VBF Physician of the Year

Dr. WanerDr. Milton Waner, Hemangioma and Malformations Surgeon
2004 VBF Physician of the Year


Dr. LevitinDr. Gregory Levitin, Hemangioma and Malformations Surgeon
NYC * L.A.

2010 VBF Physician of the Year
Dr. RosenDr. Robert Rosen, Vascular Lesions of Arms and Legs Interventional Radiologist
2009 VBF Physician of the Year
Dr. FishmanDr. Steven Fishman, Internal Lesions Surgeon

Rafael Ortiz, MDRafael Ortiz, MD, Neuro-endovascular Surgeon

Dr. ZideDr. Barry Zide, NYC Hemangioma and Malformations Surgeon

Dr. ComiDr. Anne Comi, Sturge Weber Syndrome Specialist
2011 VBF Physician of the Year


Dr. OrbachDr. Darren Orbach, Pediatric Neurointerventionalist for AVMs and PHACE

Dr. DelfanianDr. Kami Delfanian, KTS Treatment Specialist
2012 VBF Physician of the Year
Dr.MihmDr. Martin Mihm, VBF Co-Medical Director and Research Director
2003 VBF Physician of the Year
Dr. BerensteinDr. Alex Berenstein, Malformations and AVM Interventional Radiologist
2007 VBF Physician of the Year
Dr. EdmondsDr. Joseph Edmonds, Lymphatic Malformations Surgeon
Dr. DuarteDr. Duarte, Florida Expert

Dr. KonezDr. Orhan Konez, Interventional Radiologist

Dr. TomrisDr. Stavros Tombris, European Surgeon



Dr. FayDr. Aaron Fay, Hemangioma and Malformations Eye Surgeon
2006 VBF Physician of the Year
Dr. CalilDr. Calil, Lymphatic Malformation Surgeon

Elissa RifkinElissa Rifkin, M.Ed., Developmental Specialist

Dr. ThompsonDr. Stevan Thompson, Military (Tricare) Surgeon

Corinne BarinagaCorinne Barinaga, VBF Family Services Director

Helen FiggeDr. Helen Figge, Pharmacist

Ask the VBF FounderDr. Linda Rozell-Shannon, VBF President and Founder

Lex van der Heijden, Chairman, CMTCLex Van der Heijden, CMTC Foundation

Leslie GraffLeslie Graff, Psychosocial/ Developmental

Linda SeidelLinda Seidel, Make Up Expert

Nancy RobertsNancy Roberts, Make-up Specialist

Eileen O'ConnorEileen O'Connor, Adult Living with PWS

Laurie MooreLaurie Moore, Make Up Expert from Colortration

KimberlyKimberly, West Coast Makeup Expert

AlicitaAlicita, Adult Rep in Spanish

Dr. Serena, Wound Care ExpertDr. Thomas Serena, Wound Care Expert

Sarina PatelSarina Patel, Young Adult Advocate


Frank and Barbara Catalanotto, VBF Honorary Chairs

Frank is a retired professional baseball player and he and his wife are the proud parents of four girls, one who had a hemangioma on her nose and was networked into treatment by VBF.

Dr. Linda Rozell-Shannon: The Founder and President of VBF Tells Her Personal Story

Dr. Linda Rozell-Shannon tells her personal story.

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