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rhouwman 05-01-2007 05:58 PM

Awareness Day Fundraiser
As I mentioned a few weeks ago in a post about the new items added to our fundraiser, we will be doing an E-Trunk show May 8-22 for Awareness Day! You can shop at the WINGS site,, and enter the code "VBS" when prompted at checkout!
The items featured on the trunk show are designs by the maker of our fundraiser items, WINGS. 15% of all proceeds from the trunk show will be donated to the Vascular Birthmark Support Group to go to the VBF. You can order anything off the WINGS site during this show - that includes LOVEPRINTS which are a specialty item where you can put your child's fingerprint on a jewelry piece. I have a necklace made from my girls fingerprints and it is one of my favorite pieces!
If you want to receive the flyer information by email and then want to email it out to your family and friends, send me an email. If you are not planning an event for Awareness Day this would be a quick and easy way to contribute! The flyer information will be in the text of the email so there won't be an attachment to open!
Please support this great Awareness Day activity. And, don't forget our ongoing fundraiser at - there's still time to order for Mother's Day!
robin @ meierhenrylaw . com (no spaces)

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