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jenhermes 08-20-2003 03:00 PM

"Strawberry" brusing?
??? My 5 mos old has a 'strawberry' birthmark on thr right chest just below her nipple. It seems to be brusing around the area and is very sore to her when we touch it. We can't even graze it without a reaction or heavy this normal?

nickbar 08-20-2003 07:26 PM

Re:"Strawberry" brusing?
THat doesn't seem normal to me.

Has she seen a specialist? If not, it would be a good idea to play it safe and see one. only my opinion. Oddly enough "birthmarks" are not just superficial (Before my son was seen by a specialist for his hemangioma...I would have never known the complications that are possible) and she could have something deeper causing trouble.



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