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Hbetuel 03-26-2014 04:27 PM

3 Month Old with Congenital Hemangioma
Hello Everyone!

I am new to this site and was hoping for some insight from parents that have had a baby with a congenital hemangioma. My baby boy was born December 23, 2014 with a deep congenital hemangioma on his chin. This hemangioma was not diagnosed in utero but looking back at his 4D ultrasound photos, you can clearly see it. After being seen by a pediatric dermatologist, we heard what most parents hear, "lets just take the wait and see approach". This is both frustrating but understandable because you dont want people to look at your beautiful child and just see his hemangioma but at the same time, you do not want to put him through medication or surgery unless it is absolutely necessary. So basically I am looking for any advice/stories of parents whose child has had a congenital hemangioma. Has the hemangioma gone away on its own or did it require treatment? I have been told that congenital hemangiomas are fully developed at birth and most will start to involute and go away completely by the time the child is a year old. If the congenital hemangioma did require treatment, was it effective and what was involved with the treatment? I have also heard that congenital hemangioma treatment is different because sometimes they do not respond to the treatments they do for infantile hemangiomas. Thanks in advance!

smurph 03-27-2014 02:24 AM

Hi there! There a couple types of of congenital hemangioms, so it would depend on what type you were dealing with. There's RICH (rapidly involuting congenital hemangioma) and NICH (noninvoluting). I would recommend you email Dr. Levitin and send him a photo (go to the Ask the Experts link.) He can give you his opinion based on your son. Good luck!

Hbetuel 03-27-2014 01:28 PM

Thanks for the reply Shannon. I will email the expert and ask. Hopefully he can provide me a little more insight about my son's hemangioma.

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