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The Lyra laser is a long pulse width laser ,which operates at 1064 nm. It can be used for 3 different treatments! These treatments are hair removal, the ablation of varicose veins and spider veins, and non-ablative facial resurfacing:
The Lyra laser is approved for hair removal in all patients regardless of their skin color.
It can effectively treat spider veins and varicose veins up to 4 mm in diameter.
The Lyra is used in conjunction with the Aura laser for non-ablative facial rejuvenation.
The Lyra offers effective results while maintaining the normal appearance of the skin. It uses the best technology currently available for hair removal, offering outstanding results with the widest range of skin tones and hair colors.
The laser beam penetrates your skin and gets absorbed in the hair follicle residing under the skin surface. The laser energy destroys the follicle with the heat that it generates. Because the laser beam is large in diameter, it affects a large number of hairs simultaneously.
How many treatments will be needed?
The number of treatments required to obtain optimal results varies with hair density, hair color, skin types, the treatment area and your hair growth cycle. The density of your hair and its growth cycle are affected by many things such as your age, ethnic background, hormones or medications. Laser treatments impair the growth capacity of hair follicles when they are in a growth cycle at the time of treatment. All hair follicles are not active at the same time. Depending upon the growth cycle of the follicles when the treatment is applied, several treatments with a few weeks in between may be required to obtain the desired effect.
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